Where to Find the Cheapest iPads

cheapest ipads

Have your friends and recently showing off their iPads in parties and get togethers? Do you often feel how cool it would be to own a brand-new iPad but you don’t have the money to own one? Rest assured that you are not the only one! IPads are fantastic new gadgets but they are costly too. If you search online for a brand-new iPad it could cost you anywhere between $700 to $1000 in the Apple Store.


The question that might come to your mind is, do I really have to shell out that much just to own an iPad? The answer is no! There are many places where you could buy an iPad that cost much less than the ones you find at Apple Store. But many people don’t know where to find these. In this article I’m going to talk about where to find the cheapest iPads that are available online and in stores.


The first place to look for is easily the Apple Store. Apple has recently launched a more economical version of iPad wishes the iPad mini. It has got all the latest and greatest features of iPad, with only one difference – it is a smaller and slightly less powerful version of the original iPad. However iPad mini has got all the features that iPad has to offer. Priced anywhere between $350 to about $520, these are the cheapest iPads that are available in the Apple Store at the moment. The price totally depends on what options you are looking for in your iPad. The cheapest iPads, without any Sim card functionality – all they offer is Wi-Fi connectivity which is probably only need if you plan to use your iPad mostly at home or in your workplace.


Where to Look for Cheapest iPads?

For the more expensive iPads, with a host of other features like available 3G or 4G connectivity and more storage space. The basic and the cheapest iPads come with 16 GB of storage space. By paying more, you could easily upgrade to 32 or 64 GB iPads. Having used the basic version of iPads, I can guarantee that the 16 GB is all that you need from a data storage perspective unless you are fully grooved into this latest state of the art gadget.


If you’re looking for even cheaper options, you could potentially look at some of the used iPads are easily available on major online stores like the eBay or Amazon. On these online stores, you could easily find some reputed sellers of war willing to send you quality and cheap iPads which may have been used before but are still in great condition. The price for these pre-used iPads could be as low as 50% of the original price that are marked in the Apple Store.


If however you are more interested in buying a new model, you could potentially look at some of the other iPad alternators that are available in the market. For example, you could look at Microsoft’s new Surface tablet with some say have a better user experience than the iPad. But having said that, and as Apple would say, “if you don’t own an iPad, you don’t own an iPad!”. So if you are really determined to get yourself an iPad, and are running low on budget, you will need to look around for the cheapest iPads that are available in the market today.


There are some websites which may be willing to sell you an iPad at wholesale rates. Even though this is not much less compared to the iPads that are available at Apple Store, it still worked a few bucks cheaper. As some would say, drops of water makes an ocean, it is small savings like these that make a major difference to your lifestyle.


One thing that you must look at before you buy the cheapest iPads available in the market is how compatible it is with Apple’s latest software upgrades. Also, you should take a look at what the warranty considerations are if you go ahead and purchase iPad from a source which is not recommended or supported by Apple store. Typically iPads come with a one year warranty. If you are buying a new iPad, please ensure that your product is compliant with Apple’s warranty terms and conditions.